Dear friends,

Some of you were affected by the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service slowdown occurred yesterday.
We apologize for potential impact to your business and thank you for your patience. The problem has been already resolved, please see the details below.

Issue summary

Duration: October 20 2014 14:00 – October 20 2014 18:00 UTC

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service was processing incoming tasks very slowly from October, 20 14.00 to 18.00 UTC.

The reason of this slowdown was that some of the SQL requests in the code of the service took a lot of time. This has happened because the service has faced with a sequence of peak loads we weren’t able to emulate or predict before. Our monitoring tools also weren’t able to identify the problem, because the situation we’ve faced with was a new one.

Corrective and preventive measures taken by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK team

Currently we are working on the optimization of the service code and on the improvement of our monitoring system.
Please be assured that system reliability is a top priority at ABBYY, and we are making continuous improvements to make our service the best on the web.

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